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Run your entire test suite through our Docker based testing and get automatic reports back on Github.

1 simultaneous build for free on private and public projects.

1 additional build for free if you use your own server with Docker.

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Over 35,183 builds processed and 22,722 good night's sleeps secured.

38,245 errors reported in 55 projects.

This is what we do

Fast CI builds

Run builds on your pull requests and get feedback fast if everything went wrong.

Use your own server

You can set up your own Docker daemon to run builds on, to greatly reduce your costs compared to similar services.

Error reports

PeakFlow can integrate into you application and automatically send error reports back and organise them for you, so that you can get a nice overview over what is happening.


Check that important services on your app are always up by letting PeakFlow ping them.

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Deploy with confidence

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